CCTV and Surveillance Project, part 1

I am doing this project for some time now.
It started one year ago, with one of the assignments that we had to do for Uni.
As I am one of these paranoiacs, seeing Big Brother's eyes around me all the time, I thought that writing about CCTV surveillance may be quite interesting way to make my mind even more paranoid.
Although the decision about surveillance society and CCTV-related topic was quite spontanious, it appeared to be the start of a great research-reading-learning adventure, making my student life - quite tough already - a bit more difficult.
In the effect, I am now writing my final project about the same topic.
What vitaly heleped me in decision making was the fact that I live in the most camera-surveillanced country in the world. And I don't feel ok with it. Don't feel ok at all.

There has been many works done about surveillance topic recently. But one, in my opinion, is exceptional. The work that brought me on my knees is video documentary 'Every Step You Take - Ready for your close-up?' (official blog) by Nino Leitner, student from Austria... His work amazes me and makes me jealous at the same time... The guy and his friends did amazing job. And,what most important, this documentary, presenting the topic so well-researched, full of interviews with professionals and theorists, packed with information about contemporary data gathering and surveillance practices in UK and Austria; makes you think about the effects of the fact that we all live now in the information and surveillance society. Sadly, we cannot do much to change it.

Anyway, more to come from this topic. Later.

'Every Step You Take' by Nino Leitner trailer:


  1. tha panopticon...:)
    well, if i can just suggest a fast read by my favorite philosopher j. baudrillard:
    in his book "simulation and simulacra" > the chapter entitled "THE END OF THE PANOPTICON"

    if u haven't read it already that is.


  2. oh yes, I did, I did... i think i read too much of b. already ;)
    Baudrillard is on the top of my reading list together with Foucault, Bauman, Norris and some others...

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