'The Union' Documentary

Shortly - it is about marihuana.
Yet, this time - from a bit different perspective.
It is the first material about this topic that I've ever seen so deeply analysed, well-researched and planned, plus very well edited.

Yes, it is a bit subjective - but noone says that it wasn't mean to be. The documentary proves that today's world politics (mainly in USA and Canada) towards marihuana and its prohibition is rather illogical. And, to depict it, the film authors used a lot of examples, professional statements, medical experiments and analysis, interviews, history facts and simple (yet, not so obviously) logic.

I'm not saying I'm pro or against smoking pot. It's not the point here.
What I want you to see, is some evidence of hypocrisy and lack of logical thinking of world politics in the case of drugs, alcohol and tabacco - their general using, legalizing, funding etc.

The film is in English and has Polish subtitles.

It's long but it's really worth seeing.


THE UNION - documentary.


  1. hallo again, as a response to this post i want to put here a link to my fav us comedian, rip Bill Hicks, whom I love> and his story on pot. a great thing really, please do waste 10 minutes of your precious time on it!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0skrzS9_ac